Celicioso, Spain – A Gluten-Free Bakery


Celicioso is the first gluten-free bakery I went to. It is called bakery officially but after the recent renovation, it is more like a cafe as there are also tables available indoor for you to sit down and order food or drinks.

When I first entered the bakery, I was shocked by the appearance of the tarts, cupcakes and cookies, as my past experiences and perception made me believe that gluten-free pastries were not as appealing as the normal ones. The pastries in the bakeries, however, are absolutely stunning with a variety of flavours. And they are all gluten-free! I ordered a strawberry cheesecake. As an all-time cheesecake lover, I wholeheartedly approve of it. It tasted extremely similar to the normal cheesecakes, and it was actually quite delicious!




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Celicioso was founded in 2012, and has since been providing a unique experience for customers who look for gluten-free products. The team designed the menu based on delicious items that can also contribute to customers’ health and well-being.

Yes, gluten-free diets are necessary for coeliacs. However, according to dietary experts, avoiding this kind of protein is also good for the digestive system, reducing cholesterol levels and improving energy levels.

Therefore, it is Celicioso’s mission to deliver more and more lactose-free, sugar-free, organic and vegan options as part of their daily innovation. It is also their philosophy to focus on quality handmade products to share the experience with the consumers and their loved ones. Now there are 5 Celiciso Bakeries opened across Spain: 3 located in Madrid, 1 located in Marbella and 1 located in Ibiza. The link below shows the exact locations, contact details and menu options at each store.


Now, we even have the opportunity to buy an illustrated book that contains the best recipes from Celicioso! Hundreds of recipes ranging from firsts, seconds, desserts and many more other recipes, ideal for anyone to use daily or for special occasions. These recipes are diverse and innovative for taking care of our health and more importantly the taste. It is available on Amazon if you are interested in buying.


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