KIND Caramel Almond & Sea Salt – The best snack bar I had so far!

This year has been stressful since the beginning, as I am graduating this year. Since I have been working in the library a lot recently, I started to explore snack bars. They are healthy, containing several nutrients, and are able to provide me with energy to continuously study. However, most of the snack bars I had so far tasted sour and don’t look appealing at all. Nevertheless, today, I found a snack bar that is absolutely tasty, appealing, nutritious and gluten-free! Plus, it smells so good when I opened the package.

It is this Caramel Almond & Sea Salt snack bar snack bar by KIND (as shown below). The sweetness from the caramel and honey and the savour from the sea salt would foster an explosion of the two flavours in your mouth!

This link takes to an Amazon page to make a purchase of these snack bars:




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