Hi guys,

Welcome to my blog!

Growing up in China with my grandma, I have developed a strong awareness of the importance of eating “tasty and nutritious” food. Chinese cuisine was what I used to consume daily, and I never noticed how beautiful it is until I started to talk about it with my friends from all over the world. From that point, I began exploring cuisines across the world, as I want to get to know the history, the story and the culture behind. Besides, I just enjoy eating so much. Therefore, I wish to share what I eat and what I like to eat here to hopefully inspire other people with my experience and perspective with eating. ❤


The logo “伊食” stands for “EvaEats” in Chinese. The character “伊” also means “you” as, you, my readers and contributors to my blog. The other character “食“, literally means “eat” as well as “food”. Therefore, “伊食” also demonstrates “EvaEats” as a community to share every one of us with our experience and perspectives with eating food.

P.S. As I am a business student, I also write about companies or restaurants that produce or are well-known for certain types of food. Although I am currently busy working on my dissertation and other academic commitments, I will keep updating at least twice a week!



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